AA Landscape Urbanism projects on display at the AA and Cambridge

If you are interested to check latest AA Landscape Urbanism projects, Aeolian San Odyssey and Coastal Futures Projects (by Anastasia Kotenko/Niki Kakali and Yunya Tang/Valeria Garcia respectively) they are currently on display at the Architectural Association School of Architecture Graduate Gallery, 36 Bedford Square and at Cambridge University, Architecture Department, 1-5 Scroope Terrace Cambridge, as part of the Urban Emergencies Exhibition/Conferece. More info here:


AA Landscape Urbanism projects on display at the AA and Cambridge

AA Landscape Urbanism contribution to the Venice Bienale 2014

How does AA Landscape Urbanism perform Research through Design? What is the role of concepts such as Landscape and Territory in this regard? Read here Clara Oloriz and Jose Alfredo Ramirez essay ‘Land Formations/Tectonic Grounds’, part of the Architectural Design Research Symposium and forthcoming book originated last November at the Palazzo Pisani Santa Marina  within the New Zealand pavilion, a collateral event of last year Venice Bienale 2014 .

In the essay Clara Oloriz and Jose Alfredo Ramirez ( Studio Master and Co-Director)describes the praxis of AA Landscape Urbanism as a model  for a Design by Research programme and the way in which Landscape and Territory are understood as fundamental concepts for its development.

AA Landscape Urbanism contribution to the Venice Bienale 2014

Making Maps by Martí Peran 19 MArch 2015 18:00

Making Maps by Martí Peran

Andrea Aguado "DF" 2013-2015 Andrea Aguado “DF” 2013-2015

Series: Landscape Urbanism Lecture Series 2015

Date: 19/March/2015
Time: 18:00
Venue: 32 SFB Bedford Square, Architectural Association

 All welcome

In the context of the crisis of representation, (or in the context of the crisis of traditional cartography), this lecture considers, the need to establish a fresh foundation for cartography. The task of becoming cartographers implies a return to the possibility of deducing the value of territory and the ways of establishing a discourse with it, on the basis of experience. In this way, contemporary art could serve as a model.

Martí Peran is a critic and curator and is also a faculty member of the University of Barcelona. A member of the editors team of Roulotte, he frequently contributes writing to a number of newspapers and art magazines. He has lectured at numerous museums, universities and festivals, and he has curated several historical and contemporary art exhibitions, including the recent ‘This is not a museum’ (2011–13:Barcelona, Liujbliana, Ciudad de México, Wasghinton DC, Santiago de Chile, Miami).

Making Maps by Martí Peran 19 MArch 2015 18:00

AA Landscape Urbanism Series 2015: Teresa Stoppani, Invisible Maps, 5th March Architectural Association

Invisible Maps

AA Landscape Urbanism Series 2015 present:

Teresa Stoppani, Invisible Maps,

5th March, Architectural Association,

The talk presents excerpts from an ongoing exploration of the process of mapmaking, proposing the use of cartography as a veritable “project” that constructs realities while often remaining concealed in forms of apparently objective presentations and representations. The definitions of the conventions of cartographic representation are themselves the product of an intellectual project that is deeply embedded in the time, society and political contexts of their production. The move away from the figural opens up a questioning of the relations between the object and its representations, which directly questions the nature and the stability of the object itself. Mapping is thus proposed as a dynamic form of making. The talk will draw examples, images and stories from architecture and the visual arts to seek the invisible content of maps and explore the notion of critical cartographies.

Teresa Stoppani is Professor of Architecture at Leeds Beckett University, where she directs the Leeds School of Architecture and the PhD in Architecture programme. An architect and architectural theoretician, Teresa has taught in the UK, Italy and Australia, and lectured and published internationally. She is currently working on the book X Unorthodox Ways to Rethink the City of Architecture (Routledge, 2016).



AA Landscape Urbanism Series 2015: Teresa Stoppani, Invisible Maps, 5th March Architectural Association

'Nature is the Dummy' essay by Douglas Spencer on metabolism, self-organisation and emergence in design

AALU Alfredo Ramirez and Eva Castro Interview for Beyond Urbanism Book

Coastal Futures Issuu Publication

AA Landscape Urbanism Coastal Futures is the design thesis of Valeria Garcia and Yunya Tang:

Abstract: The project examines contemporary flooding scenarios and the possibility to use coastal erosion and deposition through tidal creek land formations as productive spatial territories. By instrumentalising these landforms, we intend to radically change the economic conditions and future potential of coastal communities in South England.

140926_Coastal Futures_Yunya Tang and Valeria Garcia-2


explore the fullproject HERE

Coastal Futures Issuu Publication

AA Landscape Urbanism becomes MArch (16 months) & MSc (12 months)

The AA Landscape Urbanism programme is evolving!

From 2015-2016 it will become an MArch (16 months) & MSc (12 months) programme.


2015/16 Academic Year – MSc* (12 months) / MArch* (16 months)

Landscape Urbanism explores how the techniques, dynamics and discourses of landscape-based disciplines can be re-appropriated so as to ask fundamental questions about the contemporary city. It explores the ways in which the intersection of physical and social processes and dynamics of territorial formation generates new forms of urban typologies, governance and knowledge. The course combines material explorations of landscape evolution (facilitated by digital simulations) with the development of critical perspectives and studio work.

For the 2015/16 academic year Landscape Urbanism will offer a 12-month MSc* and a 16-month MArch* aimed at a wide range of professionals engaged with territorial disciplines ranging from architects and landscape architects to engineers, urban planners and geographers to explore a cross-disciplinary research by design approach to these practices.

The MSc course develops students? ability to abstract complex territorial formations in order to generate a set of territorial guidelines (Manual) that can be potentially deployed in comparable territories (Atlas). The 16-month MArch produces site-specific design thesis projects that work as an operative test bed to inform the Atlas and Manual of territorial formations. Students? work is based on a combination of team-based studio, workshop and seminar courses. At the end of September (MSc) and January (MArch) the projects are presented to a panel of distinguish visiting critics in order to finalise the design thesis in the form of a book.

* Please note that for the 2015/16 academic year the degree of this programme will change to a 12-month MSc and a 16-month MArch in Landscape Urbanism, subject to approval and validation by The Open University.

If you wish to apply please follow the link below which will guide you through the process.

http://www.aaschool.ac.uk/STUDY/GRADUATE/?name=landscapeurbanism— at Architectural Association School of Architecture.

AA Landscape Urbanism becomes MArch (16 months) & MSc (12 months)

The Riparian Land-Shaping Machine Issuu Publication

The Riparian Land-Shaping Machine is the design thesis of Josine Lambert and Eugenio Darin.

Abstract: Mountain landscapes have been subjected to a relentless conflict between conservative-picturesque attitudes and economic exploitation approaches. The project proposes a strategy that understands the river as a sediment management machine that choreographs newly manufactured riparian landscapes in order to put forward a decision-making mechanism to face the conflicting perspectives with existing social formations.

Explore the full project HERE


The Riparian Land-Shaping Machine Issuu Publication