Paracloud intro for AALU 0708

These are some samples of work done by AALU students in the Paracloud Intro session. Images featured by Tomaz Pipan.

Network analysis session

Space Syntax will be giving a lecture to the AALU students introducing the current projects of the office, where spatial analysis operations are becoming a fundamental tool in the masterplanning process. Christian Beros, form Space Syntax, will be giving an introduction to the spatial analysis software and its different applciations. The students will be able to use these computational tools for thei individual projects, in order to increase their understanding of the working of transportation networks in the territory.

Images featured form

Relational Towns: Paracloud intro

Landscape Urbanism students will be doing a two day intensive introduction to Paracloud in which Dr Eyal Nir (paracloud developer) will be giving an insight of behavioural modelling and proliferation systems during the days 23th and 24th October

AALU public review (continued)

AALU Public review

Congratulations to all of the AALU 0607 students for one of the most successful reviews in the histiry of AA Landscape Urbanism. These are some of the images form the work of the students as they were shown to the audience.

AALU Public Review: Wendesday 10th October

AALU Public Review details confirmed: 11AM Lecture hall

Featured Projects: AALU0607 - AALU 0405 (selection)
Guest Jurors will include:
  • Charles Waldheim (Toronto University)
  • Douglas Spencer (Buckinghamshire Chilterns University)
  • Alfonso Vergara (Findacion Metropoli)Neil Davidson (Dip14)
  • Andreas Rubi (TextBild editions)
  • Pedro Alonso (Arup Urban Design Team)
  • Gareth Doherty (Harvard University Graduate School of Design)

AALU Briefing session

A lecture by Pablo Lazo (Arup Urban Design) will act as an opening for the DIagrammign Cities Workshop. Pablo will be giving an overview of the different problems and fundamental reasoning behind the decision making of early stage town plannign in large scale new developments. Case studies of Dongtan project and masterplans in Russia will serve as a basis for later discussion and project brefing session.


AALU starts the new academic year 0708 with course presentation within the graduate introduction at the AA. Teh first academic event will on Friday 16:30 with a briefing session and kicking off of Diagramming Cities workshop.