+ AALU Pinup

Streetscape Diagram of Sheik Zayed ROad, form Jen Hwang

AALU Pinup

Initial drawings to configure a infrastructural landscape of canal/wetland, by Angeliki Koliomichou

The large scale territorial mappings of Angeliki (see image) start to suggest potential strategies of knitting together already existing lineal infrastructure of water management in the fringe between mountain and sea in Oman. It looks as if she is going to push it forward for Wednesday!

More news before the pinup: A network of food distribution / growing is about to seed a system of agricultural skyscrapers within the fabric of Dubai. Matt Wilson (see image attached) seems to be quite keen on explaining it to the audience.

Second term pinup for Landscape Urbanism will take place on morning Wednesday 21st @ 37GFF. Students are expected to be able to translate their readings of the site (see drawing attached form Alejandra Bosch) and typological research into a strategic base on top of which be able to articulate a discourse on where does Landscape Urbanism stand in the contemporary Middle East. Who wants to be first?????

On Thursday 15th , Young Zhang gave a presentation about his previous engagements of work in the Middle East. Students got to have a good impression of the different problems which architects face when planning large scale cities which get to be built and thought at an unprecedented speed. Issues about density, distribution of population across the territory and response to a commercially demanding client came across after the presentation of projects which place traditionally considered utopian ideas of city building into the arena of common practice in the Middle East.

LU students return from Istanbul Workshop

Landscape Urbanism students Alejandra Bosch and Matt Wilson have returned from the the Istanbul Fibrous structures workshop. CNN Turk will be airing the projects along with interviews from the workshop coordinators Claudia, Nilüfer, and Marco, on Monday, March 5.

The workshop was conceived and directed by Claudia Pasquero and Marco Poletto (ecoLogicStudio) and Nilüfer Kozikoðlu(Tuspa)
with the support of structural engineers and designers AKT London
in collaboration with Meltem Aksoy (Assist Prof. Dr.ITU) and Arkitera