AALU + Fibrous structures

AALU students Mathew Wilson and Alejandra Bosch (models in the image beside) will follow their projects by participating in the Fibrous structures workshop, held in Istambul, concived and directed by former AAstudents Claudia Pasquero – Marco Poletto (ecoLogicStudio) – Nilufer Kozikoglu (tusba) with the support of structural engineer and designer AKT London and with the collaboration of AALU graduate Ivan Valdez and of Meltem Aksoy (Assist Prof. Dr.ITU)

The course will start by learning the basic principles of parametric modelling and by understanding their potential as generators of “machinic” diagrams. The architecture of Muqarnas will also be the subject of an early investigation, from which geometrical rules will be extracted and will serve as base structuring logic for the assemblage of the fibrous components. In parallel to the development of the parametric digital diagrams, multiple physical counterparts will be fabricated. Finally the structure will actualize as a pavilion. As a result the models, both physical and digital will acquire a more specific scalar dimension and will be able to express more peculiar structural, ornamental and microclimatic qualities.