Angeliki Koliomichou (AA LU 2006/07) presented MA project 'Augmented Waterways' at 3rd Seminario de Paisagismo Sul- Americano conference, National Museum of Fine Arts,Rio De Janeiro, 28 May 2008.http://acd.ufrj.br/historiadopaisagismo/seminario/inicial.htm

The research aims to raise consideration regarding the prevalent water politics in Oman and the implications that they have to the context and furthermore to the layout of the urban fabric.The research concerns the study of the existing water management and administrative issues and also the analysis of the local techniques in traditional irrigation systems in Oman. After a thoroughly investigation and comparing with other irrigation systems in deserted territories such as the iranian network of wells, a design proposal has been materialized. By responding to Sultan Qaboos’ s vision for producing a tourist spot in Oman capable of competing in the global economy the design perspective is twofold. Primarily it seeks to generate integrated systems that provide balanced water management provisions and simultaneously to suggest a diversification of activities which encompass luxurious villas associated with farm units as an alternative scenario for agri- tourism destination.