Plasmastudio has recently won the competition to develop the building and landscape design for Horticultural Expo in Xi'an, China. The project comprises 15,000 exhibition hall building, a series of conservatories, a 37Ha park around an artificial lake as well as ancilliary buildings. The next stages of development will take place during the next months with the collaboration of Plasmastudio (buildings) and Groundlab (landscape urbanism).
Xi’an is a city based in thousands of years of ancient culture. As the home of the Terra Cotta Army and the beginning of the Silk Road, Xi’an has claimed its place in China’s eternal history. In this tradition, Flowing Gardens is a harmonic relationship between Xi’an’s wondrous past and its exciting future; horticulture and technology; landscape and architecture. Flowing Gardens enhances the inherent beauty of Xi’an by intensifying the characteristics of the existing fabric while creating a self-sustainable landscape for the future.

Flowing Gardens begins from a single line -- an axis extends from the Gate to the Greenhouse, traveling through the East and West Hills and over the lake, while extending into many sinuous paths, creating a network of intermingling circulation, landscape and water. Much like the legendary Silk Road, Flowing Gardens is connectivity, circulation, rejuvenation, and elegance.