INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP: Redesign boundaries, public spaces and infra-city Bozen

The Course of “Progettazione Urbanistica e del Paesaggio” of the Building Design – Faculty of the University of Trento and the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Bolzano invites the Master “Landscape Urbanism” of the Architectural Association, London
Themes and questions
Bozen produced recently an original and innovative Masterplan that points to redefine different urban scenarios of quality for the future of the city. Among the themes and the areas to develop there are some which require to be seen with the multiple eye of an urbanist, a landscape architect, an architect and an infrastructural engineer. One of those zones - the area between Bozen Sued and Virgel , is subject of interest of a group of teachers and students of the Building Design Course a the University of Trento which has produced some original visions of the future. Starting from this research is born the idea to invite the prestigious Master of Landscape Urbanism of the Architectural Association of London (one of the most prestigious scholl of Architecture within Europe) with its international teachers and students which will work for 10 days together with the team of Trento to propose project solutions for this complex but strategic area of Bozen. The themes will go from in suggesting a deviation of the A22 which is a real barrier within the texture of the city to the redefinition of the existing public, residential and commercial spaces to the definition of scenarios of sustainable and alternative mobility and the scenic valorisation of the Hill of the Virgel.
Operative modalities
The workshop from the 12h till the 22nd of April will include representatives of the public administration as well as public and private departments which will be the complementary actors of the project. Conferences and lectures of architects and teachers will be hold as supporting programme and a magazine with a collection of the research material will be distributed after the workshop in the city of Bozen. Furthermore an international production with the collection of the experiences of the Master of “Landscape Urbanism” ( America, Africa, Arabia, Europe, ecc.) will include also the project proposals for Bozen which will be devellopped during this workshop.