AA Symposium Mexico City

AA Symposio in Mexico City: From Academia to Praxis, 11 October
The director of the Mexico City Visiting School Alfredo Ramirez has organised a symposium at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City on Monday 11 October 2010.

This one-day event of lectures/presentations given by staff and alumni of the Architectural Association was a preface to the AA Visiting School in Mexico City in January 2011. The event was an opportunity to present the work and research methodologies being developed at the Architectural Association with AA graduates.

AA lecturers and guests invited to the symposium shared and commented on their own research ambitions and the use of these methodologies in practice and education. At the same time Brett Steele discussed the role of schools of architecture and his vision for the future with a distinguished group of Mexican practitioners and educators. The symposium aimed to contribute to the exchange of pedagogic ideas and it will confront the leading issues shaping architecture, design and urban culture at the outset of the 21st century.

Guests and lecturers included:
Brett Steele (London)
Michael Rojkind (Mexico)
Derek Dellekamp (Mexico)
Juan Carlos Sanabria (Costa Rica)
Jose Maria Nava (Mexico)
Kevin Mccleland (USA)
Alfredo Ramirez (London)
Carolyn Aguilar (Mexico)
Edgar Payan Pacheco (London)
Jose Arnaud (London)