On the Record - Lecture by Gabriela Garcia

Gabriela García de Cortázar

On the Record

Series: Landscape Urbanism Lecture Series
Date: 6/3/2014
Time: 17:30:00
Venue: New Soft Room

Catalogues, lists, inventories, indexes; atlases, models, maps, plans, diagrams, charts, graphs are all ways of recording what is out there, what cannot be seen with our insufficient vision, and what cannot be kept with our restricted memory. Maps are the preferred tool for recording things in space, and just as any other register, they act through selection, editions and naming – basically, description.

This kind of linguistic capture necessarily encounters problems, and the talk will focus on three: issues of scope (what to capture, parts or wholes; what to describe, surfaces or structures), time (between eternal instant and fickle sequence) and projection (from points of view to the short distance between description and prescription).

Gabriela García de Cortázar is a current PhD candidate at the AA.

This talk is part of the Landscape Urbanism Lecture Series

On the Record - Lecture by Gabriela Garcia