Land Formations Tectonic Grounds

I have an essay titled "Land formations Tectonic Grounds" out soon in a forthcoming book edited by Nadia Amoroso called "Representing Landscapes: Digital"

My contribution is intended to expand on the the role Landscape urbanism on concepts such as territory, land and ground and how the digital is shaping its development in academia especially at our programme at the Architectural Association, here is an extract of the text:

"Land-Formations Tectonic-Grounds

The Landscape Urbanism MA at the Architectural Association is engaged with the idea of landscapes as the milieu for the development of a practice at a territorial scale. This practice is concerned on the one hand with the geomorphological formations of landforms (Tectonic Grounds) and on the other with the actual cultural, political and economic forces that drive and choreograph the social formations of these territories (Land Formations).
The understanding of these concepts as the primeval material to work with, draws knowledge and understanding from fields such as geomorphology and/or sociology, and claims the seeds from where Landscape Urbanism recognises the engines behind territorial production. Territory thus is understood as an assemblage of manufactured landscapes that requires a multidisciplinary knowledge from relevant fields, ever since it is shaped by a myriad of both physical and social processes and dynamics.

Ultimately these territorial assemblages of land formations and tectonic grounds are cultural productions derived from a constant and relentless human and natural activity full of conflicts, struggles, alterations, and shifts, within or outside legal or institutional frameworks. As such they become the result of specific historical processes with political consequences, which lies at the core of Landscape Urbanism territorial practice..."

Alfredo Ramirez , April 2014